Operations Management

Westmark oversees the management and operations of several companies involved in real estate from development to construction, property owners associations, and other miscellaneous entities.


Inventory Control

Inventory control helps monitor and control the assets and inventory levels for the businesses. This area also facilitates the reorder process and monitors sales and shipping for the companies.



The telecommunications department establishes communications systems installing, operating, and supporting the voice and data telecommunications network for the companies.


Information Technology

Information technology supports the users, computers, computer networks, and services for the companies. The department supports the applications, technologies, databases, and backups for the different companies. There are multiple technologies that are being utilized to support the different companies.


Human Resources

The human resources department is a critical component of the employee well-being in the companies. The primary responsibilities include payroll, insurance benefits, hiring, grievances, and keeping up-to-date with the state and federal tax laws.



The accounting department is responsible for the communication of the financial and operational information to help make management decisions for the companies. There are several duties, which include managing the accounts receivable, accounts payable, asset management, tax preparation, and business accounting records.